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e-commerce sustainable operations

Sustainable Operations 

Cost-effective reduction of energy, emissions and waste via warehouse, transport and consumables eco-solutions.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

We utilise a variety of sustainable packing options that reflect the speed, scale, security, environmental needs and complexity of modern logistics processes. We implement plastic free initiatives across all the supply chains we touch, including specialised lids for containers and pallets, paper tape, and our plastic free packaging designs, which also aim to drive cost savings for our customers. We accommodate all varieties of packaging needs: sustainability, security and dangerous goods with automated packing technology in place.

Our solutions include:

  • Auto-boxing
  • Parts packing
  • Sustainable packaging design
  • Boxing and labelling
  • Package tracking

Sustainable Transport Solutions

Low carbon transport solutions and tools

  • EV MHEs
  • Electric transport solutions
  • HVO transition
  • CO2 reporting

Sustainable Warehousing Solutions

Carbon, water and waste reduction and capture warehouse solutions and tools

Our solutions include:

  • Real-time energy & carbon reporting
  • Energy saving solutions (retrofit) - Roof solar panels, Eco LED (motion and lux sensors), Green travel plans, Rapid roller doors, Airbag lorry seals
  • Water saving solutions (retrofit)
  • Waste reduction solutions: Zero to landfill paperless sites, removal of single use plastic, removal of single use packaging, material evaluation and procurement
  • Biodiversity initiatives

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