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Pioneering e-commerce solutions outside the box
e-commerce plug and play solutions

Plug and Play Solutions

Flexible out-the-box options for rapid and cost-effective implementation to help you grow. Our quick, cost saving standardised solution comes with an integrated e-commerce platform including: warehouse management system, carrier management system, returns management system, BI and reporting.

Our solutions include:

  • A templated solution with standard configuration
  • Enabling low cost, short timeline implementation for new clients into a multi-tenanted environment
  • Multiple processes are available out the box
  • Rapid pick, pack and dispatch operations
  • Stock management and real-time stock visibility
  • Simple configuration of the client
  • Logic based on the data submitted via integrations
  • Allows for some flexibility
  • Roadmap to higher automation solutions
  • Leveraging the Unipart way to consistently deliver value and competitive advantage


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Emma's extensive background, spanning logistics and retail distribution, underscores her adaptability and ability to excel across diverse industries. Her vast skill set and rich experience position her uniquely to chart new territories for Unipart's e-commerce sector.

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